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Ownership Thinking

Utilized by many leading edge contractors across the country, Sullivan & Associates, Inc. (S&A) advocates the implementation of the Ownership Thinking (OT) business process. This business process has been described by many as the business process for the 21st century due to its ability to accurately forecast profit and transform employees to think like owners. The OT process moves a contractor's business culture from a rear view mirror approach to a forecasting model which provides a view out the front windshield of company financials and other important indicators.

Research has proven that the higher an employee's education of how contractor's financial statements are calculated, the higher the net income the contractor achieves. Toward that goal, S&A has found the fastest and most direct path to better profitability is to empower employee(s) to consistently and accurately forecast job cost variances.

S&A works closely with clients to move a company from standard financial performance to that of a Best in Class Contractor. This is defined as the most profitable 15 percent within each classification. We also assist clients to boost their high-potential people to the next level. Along the way, S&A provides ongoing counsel as clients implement new business strategies.

Often, as clients' financials become stronger, the corporate culture becomes revitalized. There is an ownership attitude among employees where the owner begins to feel that the whole team is "sharing in the insomnia." We help clients have life and business in balance.

If you are an owner or senior manager of a construction company interested in having all the components of your company be congruent, the professionals at S&A may be able to help.

Ownership Thinking: Motivation


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